Online Donate — For Church

In religious organizations like churches, a proper functioning body includes four major officers – treasurer, secretary, president and vice president, to conduct the errands of the church. The best online giving platforms integrate with your accounting and church management software Unlike an offering plate, a good digital giving tool talks to your other programs, so when it’s time to send those year-end statements, it’s easy to fetch all the info you need—in bulk.
Double the Donation can help your church maximize the giving power of your congregation, no strings attached. Facebook collects a small fee for processing payments, allowing free donate button your church to get more from your congregants’ gifts. This time too, set up a donation table which has details of how effectively you use the money donated by the donors.

You will be able to change the settings for automatic email notifications, add or delete your bank account information, select whether or not your spouse’s name appears on donation slips and donor statements, allow your spouse to see donations made under your name, and decide whether your financial statements need to be printed by your ward.
Qgiv will imitate the look and feel of your website pretty completely, gives you the option of setting up recurring donations, allows you to add as many fields as you want, allows you to make it mobile friendly, and also lets you enter gifts in on the back-end.
Generate quick and easy one-time payments or gifts with a mobile card reader. Enabling people to make a one off donation online can really increase the amount your church can raise for specific appeals and one off events. Our unique WooCommerce Online Giving plugin syncs all of the church WooCommerce card payment information with their donor account at Online Giving allowing the church to have synced tokens and donor information between both systems.

As your church starts raising money with Fundly, you can grow your congregation like never before by reaching new audiences across social media. There are also websites and organizations whose main goal and objective is to help with church giving, non-profit fundraising and the development of online donations.
Modern Giver is a location-based mobile donation platform that is designed for the 43%+ of people at fundraisers, events and church services that do not have cash on them. By making it easier to reclaim Gift Aid, ChurchApp both saves you lots of time and effort, as well as making it easier for your church members to sign a Gift Aid declaration.
Whether it’s through donating your time or tithing to your congregation, every church can rely on its congregants to want to do what they can to grow and uplift their brothers and sisters. Try adding a recurring donation button directly onto your online donation page so donors can sign up for this option while giving their first donation.